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John Grisham Inspirational Quotes

John Grisham

Read the best and famous John Grisham Inspirational Quotes. Get inspired from the John Grisham Inspirational Quotes to get your motivation.


“My mum was never too keen on TV, so we kids all went to the library and got books out. Right from the start, I loved the works of Mark Twain. Every time I read about Tom Sawyer, I’d go out and do something low-level naughty, just like him.”


“Writing’s still the most difficult job I’ve ever had – but it’s worth it.”


“Every morning I wake at 6am or 6.30am, champing at the bit.”


“I earned my first steady paycheck watering rose bushes at a nursery for a dollar an hour.”


“I seriously doubt I would ever have written the first story had I not been a lawyer. I never dreamed of being a writer. I wrote only after witnessing a trial.”

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