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Djimon Hounsou Inspirational Quotes

Djimon Hounsou

Read the best and famous Djimon Hounsou Inspirational Quotes. Get inspired from the Djimon Hounsou Inspirational Quotes to get your motivation.


“The gym can serve as an excellent place where kids and young men and women can really empty their issues right on the floor.”


“I was just a very torn child, very wounded in so many areas, with no family support. I happened to the be the fifth child of my family. So everybody was already grown and had left home already.”


“Africa is my continent. It is where I opened my eyes.”


“As a young boy, I had strange dreams of affecting people and somehow being instrumental in changing the makeup of Africa and helping to improve life there.”


“The rocky time came right after I left school. I spent a lot of time at night navigating the streets of Paris trying to find something to eat.”

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